The Moonlit Road has an interesting, ever changing story. Originally conceived as a solo acoustic folk rock act while other projects were on hiatus, bandleader Jordan spent a few years touring small town Manitoba bars, eventually making his way to the bigger stages and festivals associated with the city. Jordan found himself writing more and more country rock music, and realized that it was time to call the band back together again in order to really do justice to the new material.

Joel and Jeremy rejoined Jordan and helped to bring a high energy, 90’s rock edge to Jordan’s country music sound, creating a unique blend best described as country alternative. The band developed a reputation for high energy performances with big guitar hooks and solos, with deeper, sensitive songs inserted throughout the set, to provide a well rounded set list. Adding bassist Rob to the lineup, The Moonlit Road established themselves as a 4 piece act, a big change for the trio that had been for almost 7 years. The 4 piece continued to build their fan base, and in 2019 found themselves nominated for Manitoba Country Music Awards in the categories of Group or Duo of the Year, and Emerging Artist.

The beginning of 2020 brought another big change to The Moonlit Road, this time being a painful one. After a decade of playing together under various names and lineups, Joel, Jeremy, Rob and Jordan parted ways.

Finding himself once again in the position of starting The Moonlit Road over again after years of establishing the band’s brand was not a task Jordan happily approached. Luckily for Jordan, as he said goodbye to his long time band mates, he found himself welcoming back a band mate of years past- Bobby, on keys and percussion. Having played together many times over the years, and been good friends for nearly 15, this was a happy arrangement. Jordan craved the 3 piece formula he had become accustomed to, and soon added another old friend- Mike- on guitar. With Bobby on keys and percussion, and Mike on guitar, Jordan made the shift from guitarist to bassist, and the 3 piece was set.

The summer of 2020 found The Moonlit Road releasing their third record, hot on the heels of their acclaimed release “The Road From Hell” which spawned several chart topping singles on independent radio stations around the globe. “My Kind Of Light” which drops on June 19 2020 seems poised to do just the same thing, as leading single “Summer Way Of Thinkin’” finds itself reaching further, and charting on even more countdowns, and going strong.

The Moonlit Road has been a bumpy drive at times, but the ride continues, and will keep on doing so as long as the fans keep listening!